A Time With SAPC’s Global Partners
. . . Aslan is on the move!

Watch to see how, even during a global pandemic, God has used our global partners, their ministries, and you in advancing His Kingdom. You will be encouraged!


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2021 Faith Mission Giving Sermon

The History of Faith Mission Giving

“Across the Street, Across the Country, and Across the World”

That’s our motto. Every year, for many years, dozens of our members have done just this. Most would testify that these trips have been times of growth in faith, a sense of usefulness for the Kingdom, and seeing God work. Who wouldn’t want all of those things to happen in our walk with Christ?

Perhaps God has put a certain focus area on your heart (Haiti, Ukraine, Bulgaria, England). Or perhaps there is a ministry we have been involved with, but participating in it just hasn’t worked out yet. Or maybe it has just been a while. If you feel a calling let us know. We would love to talk with you!

Across the Street

Domestic Missions Partners

School Time Bible of South Carolina

With the mission of “Reaching students and their families with the life-changing Word of God.” STB provides Bible education to public school students during the school day when students-with parental permission-may leave school property to attend off-campus Bible classes at a nearby church or non-school building.


Sharing God’s Love

The mission of Sharing God’s Love is to provide families in need in our community with food, clothing, and financial and spiritual support.


Daybreak Ministries

Daybreak Ministries has the mission to offer practical services in a compassionate and responsive manner that will empower women, men, and families to choose life for their pre-born child.


Happy Wheels

The mission of Happy Wheels is to brighten the day of hospitalized children in South Carolina and to teach younger generations about volunteering and giving back to those who are suffering. They do so with new toys/books, and personal visits.


Reconcile the City

Founded by Rev. Curt Sneed, who served as a police officer for 19 years, and now serves as a chaplain to the City of Columbia Police Department.  It’s mission is to serve the officers and their families.


Christ Community Church Plant

Rev. Kent Suits serves as the PCA church planter in Batesburg-Leesville for Christ Community Church.


One Church Ablaze

Rev. Tim Hanley serves as a full-time evangelist calling the One Church to revival through revival prayer, revival preaching, and evangelism.


Rivercrest Presbyterian Church Plant

Rev. Adam Williams serves as the PCA church planter in Lexington for Rivercrest Presbyterian Church.


Across the Country

Domestic Missions Partners

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)-the university campus ministry of the PCA strives to serve in that unique stage of a student’s life in the world they live in. Explores how the Lordship of Christ informs every area of life.

  • Clemson University-Rev. Reid Jones
  • University of South Carolina-Rev. Sammy Rhodes

Reformed University Fellowship International-serves international students on their campus.

  • University of South Carolina-Rev. Scott Andes
  • Penn State University– Rev. Richard Smith

PCA Disaster Relief– Director Arklie Hooten-coordinates PCA churches, teams, and individuals as they respond to disasters in the United States.

Pacific Northwest-Lummi Tribe– Michael Wadhams-ministering to this unreached tribe of Native Americans.

Across the World

Global Missions Partners

Global Missions Organizations

El Shaddai Mininstries International(ESMI) – https://www.esmihome.org

Daughters of Bulgaria – http://www.daughtersofbulgaria.org

Water Mission – https://watermission.org

World Mission Centre – https://worldmissioncentre.com