As we launch into a new ministry year, your Session is excited about what the Lord has in store for St Andrews. Our dedicated staff has planned a full year of opportunities for us to Worship, Grow, Connect and Serve. As your shepherds, we believe it is vitally important for our spiritual well-being that each member is enfolded into the body. This publication is designed to help you do that by “plugging in” to at least one element of each of the 4 areas of the Disciple Flow. We would encourage you to browse through these pages and pray for wisdom as you seek to be involved in your church.

While we think it is critical to plan for the future, we also recognize the need to hold our plans loosely as we look to the Lord Jesus, the Head of the Body, for His wisdom and direction for the future. Jesus loves His bride, the Church, and we are confident His plans for us this year are good and gracious. Pray with us that the Lord would guide and sustain His church through the coming year as we seek to Help people joyfully know Jesus Christ, love Him more, and serve Him better.

St Andrews Presbyterian Church Session

A disciple is faithful to worship with God’s people, not merely out of duty, but out of joyful gratitude for salvation.

A disciple connects with other believers for fellowship, prayer, friendship, and support.

A disciple is committed to continue to grow, to be a lifelong learner of the things of God.

A disciple seeks to use his/her gifts and abilities to serve God and others as an application of genuine faith.