Robin Price


I am so thankful for SAPC’s partnership over the last several years when I served in Odessa, Ukraine, and I’m encouraged by your continuing support and prayers as I begin my new ministry in Oxford, England!

My role is ministering to the women of Oxford Evangelical Presbyterian Church, assisting pastor Andy Young with the care and discipleship of the church women and with evangelistic outreach to women in the community. My goal is to both encourage and challenge the women of this young church plant in their walks with God, in their study of scripture, in their fellowship with one another, and in their service to the church and outreach to the community of Oxford. In strengthening the women, the whole church benefits and is strengthened to reach the people of Oxford for the gospel of Jesus Christ. And, as Oxford has a very international student population, we anticipate that the gospel will be taken from there to people all over the world.

I am also engaged in the mentoring and training of MTW’s missionary women in Europe, seeking to contribute to the spiritual and emotional health and the longevity of our women in the field, with particular emphasis on single women missionaries.

Thank you for your care and your prayers for me as I follow God’s call to Oxford!



43 Bowness Avenue
Headington, Oxford
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Andy Young
St. Luke's Chapel Oxford
Davinia and Robin
PCA Womens Leadership Conference

When still in Odessa, Ukraine, Robin traveled to Berlin to be a part of an MTW prayer journey.  This video is a brief summary of that journey.