Senior Pastor Transition

The nominating committee has made the decision to recommend Rev. Marc Rattray to be the next Senior Pastor of Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church.

Opportunities for Q&A and to meet with Rev. Rattray

April 19th– Tuesday Night at 6:30-7:30PM/Sanctuary
April 21st– Thursday Night at 6:30-7:30PM/Sanctuary
April 26th– Tuesday Night at 6:30-7:30PM/Sanctuary
May 1st– Joint Sunday School at 9:30AM/Great Hall
Worship Service at 10:30AM/Sanctuary
Congregational Meeting/following Worship/Sanctuary

The Session has called a Congregational Meeting on May 1, 2022, following the worship service to conduct the following business:

  • Vote on the Recommendation of the Nominating Committee to call Rev. Marc Rattray as the next Senior Pastor of Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church
  • Vote to dissolve the Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee Members

Joe Bell
Ralph Blackwell
Lynn Boylston
David Brent
Bryan Clifton
Teri DeBellis
Scott Downs – Chair
Susan Dox
Alba Eckstrom
Jay Evans
Lynn Frazee
Ted Gantt – Vice Chair
Larry Mack
Haley Maycock
Ashley Medlin
DuPree McKenzie
Jody Mills
Johnny Moore
Jeff Mull – Secretary
Amy Nunn
Burk Suits
Gay Winter

Pastor Schedule

May 15, 22, 29, 2022: Rev. Cameron Kirker

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Congregational Update 3.13.22

Congregational Update 4.10.22