After a long year of not being able to plan ministries more than a month at a time, I am excited that we are able to RELAUNCH into a new ministry year. We have planned out many exciting opportunities for worship, connection, growth, and service. Because everything we do here at SAPC is to make disciples, we have sought to define what a growing disciple looks like with our Disciple Flow. There you will see what an enfolded, maturing disciple looks like.

Throughout the RELAUNCH magazine you will find sections which will present a vast array of opportunities to help you with that growth. As we have re-gathered as a church, lots of past patterns and connections have changed. I want to encourage you to take this as a positive opportunity to explore new areas for growth and ministry. I know you will be blessed as you do so!

We trust you will find that having the entire ministry-year calendar will be helpful as you focus on opportunities that will help you worship, connect, grow, and serve as a disciple of Jesus Christ!

Grace and peace,

Rev. Dr. Dale B. Welden
Senior Pastor

A disciple is faithful to worship with God’s people, not merely out of duty, but out of joyful gratitude for salvation.

A disciple connects with other believers for fellowship, prayer, friendship, and support.

A disciple is committed to continue to grow, to be a lifelong learner of the things of God.

A disciple seeks to use his/her gifts and abilities to serve God and others as an application of genuine faith.