Fall Sunday Growth Classes 2021

9.12.21 – 12.19.21

Joshua, Judges, and Ruth: Settling in the Promised Land

This is the study of the realization of the need for a king and God’s groundwork for the king of His choosing.
Instructors: Eddie Spencer, David Koon, Jr., Linda Baldwin
Location: Room 205

Psalms Growth Class

Luke I

This study will look at the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ through the Gospel of Luke, with an eye toward practical application for today. This will be part one.
Instructors: Jeff Mull, Scott Downs, Daniel Marchman
Location: Room 302

Beatitudes Growth Class

College and Career Ministry

A Weekly Sunday morning growth class. Additional small group and fellowship opportunities TBD.
Coordinators: David and Anna Brent, Bryan and Kelli Clifton. 
Location: Room 307

Beatitudes Growth Class

Isaiah I: Salvation Belongs to the Lord

How can a sinful people be saved? With man this is impossible, but not for God. Hear how God works salvation for His people through the Messiah, as the Suffering Servant. This will be part one.
Instructors: Ted Gantt, Russ Zimmerman, Ben Poston
Location: Room 204

Spiritual Warfare Growth Class

Exodus I

Exodus is a colorful narrative, full of memorable moments. This study will look at each of them in light of the larger redemptive story of Scripture, with an eye toward practical application for today. This will be part one.
Instructors: Jason Hunt, Mark Barnes, Teri DeBellis, Bob Bryant, Randy Volters
Location: Room 301

Advent Growth Class 2020

Fall Adult D-Night Growth Classes 2021

Begin 9.1.21

The Sermon on the Mount I (55+ Study)

Jesus’ first recorded sermon may also be the most quoted portion of the Bible, other than the Ten Commandments. In it, you find “the Golden Rule,” the Lord’s Prayer, teachings on divorce and remarriage, anger, anxiety, and much about what a true disciple of Jesus will look like. All are welcome to this study. This will be part one. Meets 4:30-5:15p before dinner. If you plan to stay for the meal, be sure to reserve your place online or in the worship guide on the Sunday prior.
Instructor: Dale Welden
Location: Room 205

Psalms Growth Class

Getting to the Heart of Parenting

Christian parenting is often challenging and lonely in the modern world. Join other parents in exploring a better way through God’s Word. We will view and discuss a video series by Paul David Tripp who is a pastor, event speaker, and best-selling, award-winning author.
Instructors: Blake and Loftin DuBose
Location: Room 303

Beatitudes Growth Class

Theology of Gender, Sexuality, and Race

Gender, sexuality, and race are popular and disputed topics in our culture today. This class will look at what the Bible says about these key issues.
Instructor: Jason Hunt
Location: Room 205

Watch class recordings HERE

Spiritual Warfare Growth Class